AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Trap Update

I just got a response from Support about the back-button trap. It turns out that it's a combination of a recently released LJ feature and me being a lamer with an antiquated browser. [wry smile]

I use old versions of software (and hardware for that matter) until they don't work for me anymore. I don't see any reason to change over and use something different, especially if it costs money but even if it doesn't, just to be different. I upgrade my hardware when there's some software I want to use that won't run on my old system, and I upgrade software when there's a similarly good reason, something besides the simple fact that there is a new version out. Well, now I have a reason. :P

You know those graphic preview things LJ recently released? They apparently mess up my browser (the one I use on my other account) which is Netscape 7.2. [cough] I have no idea how a graphic preview function could possibly make a browser spawn multiple instances of a page in the back-button history, but there you go. And because it was such an old version, that's probably why hardly anyone else had the same problem. That also explains some anomalies in the data -- when I wrote up my Support request, I browsed around to a bunch more journals and communities, to get something approaching a significant amount of data to send to the techies, and found one Paid account which did have a back-button trap on it and two Basic accounts which didn't. The general trend I originally saw was caused by the fact that Basic and Plus accounts had the graphic previews turned on as a default (which is a whole different rant) while Paid and Permanent accounts had them turned off as a default. The one Paid account which had a trap had turned them on while the two Basic accounts which didn't have a trap had turned them off. And yeah, it's the settings on the individual journals being visited, not the settings on my journal as the one browsing around getting trapped, which matter.

I poked around and Netscape is actually up to version nine [facepalm] so I upgraded and it works fine. Anyone else who's been having this problem, go get the new version.


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