AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Travel is Such Fun

So. :/ After I got off the phone with Jim, I called the shuttle company and told the lady my flight time had been moved up. I gave her the new departure time and she said they'd have a shuttle come for me at 3:30. OK, cool.

At 3:40, I call the shuttle company and tell them no one's arrived yet. Lady puts me on hold for a few minutes, then comes back and says that her dispatcher says they'll get a shuttle out to me at 4:00, but it'll be a direct ride to the airport instead of a share, so we won't have to stop to pick anyone else up. OK, fine.

At 4:10 I call the shuttle company and tell them I'm still waiting. Lady puts me on hold for a few minutes and then some guy comes on the line and says they'll have a shuttle there at 4:30, but it'll be a direct ride, no sharing. I say that the 4:00 had been a direct ride. He says no, that was a share. I say NO, the three-thirty was a share, the 4:00 had been a direct. He goes, Oh, yeah. Well, he'll be there at 4:30 and he'll get you to LAX by 4:50.

Umm, sure he will. I say fine because what are you going to do?

So the guy actually shows up at 4:30, yay. And they apparently lit a fire under the guy because we made good time on surface streets, and once he hit the freeway we were going 70-80 MPH the whole way, whee! We still didn't get to the airport until about 5:15, which meant it took more than twice as long as the guy on the phone promised, but then I wasn't expecting his promise to be true anyway. I'm sorry, you just don't get from south Long Beach, four blocks from the beach, to LAX in twenty minutes unless you're in a helicopter. :P

Luckily when I got there there were no lines. Not outside at baggage check and not inside at security. There were like two people ahead of me for the X-ray and all, so I just walked in and ended up sitting at the gate for about an hour. If it'd been as crowded as it was this time last year, though, I'd have missed my plane, so that was really good luck and no particular credit to the shuttle company. [sigh]

I did make it, though, and I'm now ensconced in my mom's spare bedroom. Which I have all to myself for a few days until Jim gets here. :)

I hope everyone else had a better Monday than I did. [wave]


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