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This is an index to my fiction posted in this journal. I'll update it as I post, so if you're ever looking for something of mine, you can find it here without sifting through everything else.

One-shots are in reverse chronological order, with the most recent on top, while stories within a series and chunks within a multi-part are in the order in which you should read them. Currently all the fanfic is RPS (and most are LOTRiPS) except for two Harry Potter stories ("Incompetence" and "No Good Deed") and one Fantastic Four story ("So Hot!") which are in with the others and are indicated as HP or FF; I'll separate other fandoms out if I ever accumulate a few.

Note that if the only reason a story was posted in multiple parts is because LJ wouldn't take it in one chunk -- that is, if I consider it a one-shot -- it's in "One Shots" with both parts linked in the same entry.


In a Perfect World [Eric/Viggo] AU; Eric's trying to break into acting while doing comedy clubs and some modeling to pay the bills. Just after he's met a guy who might become someone special, if only he has time to find out, he gets a chance at what might be his big break, but it'd force him to stay locked in the closet for years. Written for afra_schatz for the 2011 slashababy fest. [December 2011]

Releasing Tension [Karl/Harry] Harry's been so wound up and stressed out lately that it's starting to affect his health, and Karl's worried. He has an idea that might help Harry let go, but he's not sure Harry will go for it, or that it'll even work if he agrees to try. Karl thinks it's worth a shot, though, and it'll likely be fun regardless. Written for savageseraph for the 2010 slashababy fest. [December 2010]

Rugbytackle [Viggo/Sean] To Viggo, it was just having some fun for old time's sake, but the result wasn't at all what he'd intended. Any chance a few braincells will've been jarred loose? Written for caras_galadhon for the 2009 slashababy fest. [December 2009]

Grit in the Gears [Viggo/SeanB] Some experiments just don't work out very well. My first ever drabble, written for caras_galadhon for the comment_fic prompts "Bad!Sex, Viggo/Bean, peanut butter." [January 2009]

Hands to Yourself [David/Karl] Karl keeps touching David, getting him to blush (and other things) in public. It's pretty clear Karl's being deliberately annoying, over and over. David knows why, and gives Karl the response he was silently asking for. Written for savageseraph for the 2008 slashababy fest. [December 2008]

Crushed Roses [Craig/Sean] Craig has a secret admirer, and some hopes (and fears) about who it might be. He can't quite tell, though, and he's feeling more and more nervous as the unknown person's expressions of affection begin to get creepy. Written for msilverstar for Sweet Charity. [September 2008]

The Spice of Life [Harry/Sean] Harry has a mysterious spice mix he wants to try in the gingerbread men he and Sean are baking for the Ringers' New Year's party. It turns out it does everything the vendor said it would, and then some. Written for v_angelique for the 2007 slashababy fest. [December 2007]

Crawling Toward the Light [David/Karl implied] After what Sean did, David is a shaking wreck. He needs Karl but Karl's out playing avenging hero instead of taking care of his boyfriend, so David has to work through it all on his own. Written for the 2007 lotrips_remix Fest. Unfortunately I couldn't quite manage a perfectly stand-alone story. This'll have a lot more impact if you've read Victoria Angelique's original first. [October 2007]

Pick-Up Lines [Orlando/Viggo] Orlando's wondering how a Viggo pick-up line would compare with others he's gotten, to say nothing of whether Viggo will ever get around to using one on him. [August 2007]

Hospitality [Nathan Fillion/Adam Baldwin] Hospitality is all well and good, but some things a man's just not going to give away for nothing. Written for oxoniensis's Porn Battle, fourth round, using [Firefly, Adam Baldwin/Nathan Fillion, "the last beer"] [July 2007]

Merciful Gods [Viggo/Sean] AU, Viggo and Sean, rival archaeologists and adventurers who've formed a partnership of convenience, have finally found a temple of legend they've been searching for for years. But a night of celebrating their good fortune has unexpected consequences. wtf27 prompt Genderswap. [May 2007]

"Learning to Love Yourself" [Viggo/Viggo, Viggo/SeanB] AU, Viggo and Sean travel the multiverse, exploring and trading with the infinite versions of Earth, each of which differs to a greater or lesser extent from the last. But on this trip, Viggo meets someone both familiar and alien and learns to love himself. Written for the Kink/Cliche Challenge and wtf27 prompt Doppelganger. [May 2007] [EDIT 13 SEPTEMBER: Reworked into an original character story for publication. This story's been deleted from all fannish forums; please be discreet about sharing. Thanks!]

Distraction [Sean Bean/Orlando Bloom/Eric Bana] Orlando's been desperate to talk to someone, to the point of leaving message after message on a switched-off mobile, and Sean's afraid he'll ruin his chances if he doesn't leave off. He and Eric decide to distract him. Written for a the_challenger request. [April 2007]

Deathbed Original Fiction Thomas Kendal is waiting for his rich Uncle Justin to die. He's sabotaged the competition, sent his wife Candy in to tend the old man and let him feel her up whenever he wants, and has run ragged making himself the perfect, devoted nephew. But Candy has plans of her own. And so does Uncle Justin. A modern fantasy/horror, more twisty than scary. Written way back when and posted for International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day. [April 2007] [May 2010 -- taken down for submission.]

No Good Deed Harry Potter Remus had an idea that might help his monthly transformations be more bearable and easier to manage. At the very least he'd be much less dangerous to others if he learned the Animagus transformation and spent his moonstruck time in the form of something small and harmless. Minerva thought it was worth trying and agreed to help, but soon she was regretting it.... Written for the thematic_hp Animagi round. [March 2007] [EDIT: March 2010 -- taken down, extensively rewritten for commercial submission.]

So Hot! Fantastic Four [Johnny/his hand] Johnny, inexplicably, hasn't gotten any since becoming the Human Torch, because the universe hates him or something. He finally decides to take matters in hand. [February 2007]

Sexual Dimorphism in Cross-Universal Organisms [Viggo/Orlando] Yeah, yeah, it's all pretty and cute and magical, but Viggo just wants Orlando to climb down out of the clouds and come back to reality -- whether or not that's a good thing to wish for.... :) On the humorous side of cracky [cough] written for the wtf27 prompt "Wings." [February 2007]

Just a Nudge [Harry/Karl] Harry's philosophical about the fact that there's all kinds of fan-porn on the internet about Karl but none about him. After all, he was barely in the movies, right? But then one day a story about Harry pops up, and then another one, and then people start getting inspired.... [February 2007]

Jacking Harry [Harry/Sean Bean] Harry gets carjacked and kidnapped by a thief on the run. The fact that the thief seems to "like" him just makes things worse. Written for a the_challenger request. [January 2007]

Incompetence Harry Potter [Draco/Giant Squid] Evil schemes only work as well as your smartest henchman. ;) Written for oxoniensis's Porn Battle, using [Draco/Giant Squid, "My what big tentacles you have..."] [January 2007]

A Spirit of Vengeance [Viggo/Orlando] AU. Viggo has been raped and murdered by gay-bashers who broke into the house while Orlando was out of town. Now Orlando's back, trying to deal with his lover being suddenly gone from his life. But he's not completely gone -- Viggo's ghost is still hanging around. There's more to what happened than Orlando was told, and Viggo wants revenge. Written for the August 2006 lotrips_fqf. [October 2006]
[EDIT 4 NOVEMBER: Reworked into an original character story for publication. This story's been deleted from all fannish forums; please be discreet about sharing. Thanks!] [EDIT 8 DECEMBER: And it's been released. :) The link on the title will take you to Torquere Press, where the story is available as an e-book.]

"In the Driver's Seat" [Johnny/Orlando] Johnny's looking for someone to fool around with during the long Caribbean shoot and thinks Orlando might be just the thing. But he's used to being in the driver's seat and Orlando teaches him a few things about making assumptions. Written for the August 2006 lotrips_fqf. [August 2006]
[EDIT 20 OCTOBER 2008: Reworked into an original character story for publication. This story's been deleted from all fannish forums; please be discreet about sharing. Thanks!]

Menagerie, Part 1, Menagerie, Part 2 [Major characters: Craig, Harry, Orlando, Viggo, SeanB, Karl] This isn't a romance so there're no real pairings per se, although by the end you can probably figure out who's together and who's tending toward whom. The Rings actors are vanishing one by one -- what's going on and who's responsible? Written for the April 2006 lotrips_fqf. [April 2006]

Troubled Waters [Andy/Orlando] Andy's the only one at the party who sees Orlando's face after Bean shoves him away. Andy's a nice guy so he follows him to help. Written for the November 2005 lotrips_fqf. [November 2005]

Frenzy [Orlando/Marton] An angry Orlando has something to prove. [August 2005]

Soap [Orlando/Eric] The boys haven't seen each other for a long time and Eric gets impatient. [August 2005]

Meddle Not [Viggo/Orlando] While waiting for the plane that'll take Orlando back to a long shoot, an act of kindness is returned. [July 2005]

Bass-Ackwards [Josh Holloway/Hugh Dancy] Pointless sex behind a bar. (Note: this is a random pwip tarnished_raven and I did together one night 'cause we were bored. Fun, but no redeeming social value. [grin]) [May 2005]

Lube? [Harry/Karl] This is just a little thing I banged out and posted as a comment way back when. It's... silly. [grin] [September 2004]

Vid Night No pairing and no actual sex even -- just some cross-universe, suggestive-sorta-cestyish weirdness. :) Makes more sense if you're familiar with the Palace RPG. [September 2004]

Falling Free [Viggo/Orlando] Orlando finally persuades Viggo to go skydiving with him. It works out about as well as Viggo's first try at surfing, except a few thousand feet up. [March 2004]

The Next Morning [Viggo/Orlando] Orlando wakes up alone. (Note: this was my first post in this journal, so there's a bit of babbling. The story's at the bottom.) [March 2004]


A Lost Boy [Liam/Orlando] Slave Orlando's been taken and the kidnappers aren't interested in ransom. And of course Master Liam's thundering rage is only at the personal insult, that someone would disrespect him by daring to touch his property. Set in poisontaster's Kept Boy universe. The first few stories are linked here; the rest (we're hoping) are getting linked in whatwekeep. This is an AU universe where slavery is common and is in fact legally required among the wealthy as a way of doing their part to "support" the poor. See the original story, "A Kept Boy," linked above, and the FAQ, which is the first post in the community. [Completed November 2010]

Family Obligations [SeanB/Orlando] Sean's little brother has a taste for the ponies but no talent when it comes to choosing winners, and owes a local gangster a lot more money than he can come up with. Sean agrees to do an "easy job" in payment of the debt -- kidnapping a spoiled young punk named Bloom and hanging on to him while the gangster gets a ransom from the lad's family. It should've been a simple job, but then things started to get complicated. Written for a the_challenger request. [Completed July 2007]

WHEN THE PIECES FIT [Viggo/SeanB/Orlando] A BDSM series set during filming in New Zealand. Sean and Orlando seem to have some sort of a thing going and Viggo gets curious about it. What can it hurt to poke his nose in, just a little...?

When Stealth Fails [Bean/Orlando/Viggo] Viggo has a secret interest in what Sean and Orlando are up to. When he gets caught following them, he gets a very thorough explanation of just what's going on. Written for the 2006 slashababy fic exchange. [December 2006]

When Gift Tags Get Lost [Bean/Orlando/Viggo] Some things are easy to lose track of.... [innocent humming] [January 2007]

When Guys Talk [Bean/Viggo, mention of Bean/Orlando/Viggo] Sean and Viggo "talk" on their way back from the camping trip. Being guys, they're sort of indirect about what they actually mean. [February 2007]

When All You Can Do Is Watch [Bean/Orlando, Viggo] Orlando invites Viggo over but not to play. He's only watching. [May 2007]

MAGIC [Alan Rickman/Craig Parker, Orlando Bloom/Eric Bana, Johnny Depp/Karl Urban] There's magic in the world, and in worlds beyond, and the beings who use it aren't always friendly. Luckily there are Sentinel teams who work to defend the happily oblivious public from the things that think they're tasty. Urban fantasy in the tradition of Charles DeLint and Misty Lackey. [New Story 28 Feb 2007]
[EDIT 1 DECEMBER 2009: Reworked into an original character story for publication. This story's been deleted from all fannish forums; please be discreet about sharing. Thanks!]

HEAT AND SHADE -- set during filming in New Zealand, Viggo and Orlando are both interested but they're having a hard time connecting. Viggo's teetering and needs a nudge.

Heat [Viggo/Orlando] Viggo does not touch Orlando. [April 2004]

Shade [Viggo/Orlando] Viggo does not touch Orlando, but Orlando really wants him to. [February 2007]

Note that my Palace stories aren't in here; right now the only thread I have indexed from Palace is Johnny's story, which is indexed here. All of Liam's story is within Johnny's story.


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