AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

I Will Not...

...sign a loyalty oath, to prove to other people that I'm a loyal citizen, because signatures on a paper prove nothing.

I will not display a flag on my house, nor wear a flag pin on my clothing to prove to other people that I'm a good American, because anyone can display a flag and if they're enemies of one's country then they would certainly display that flag to pretend otherwise, wouldn't they?

I will not wear a yellow ribbon, nor a ribbon of any other color, to display for the world the fact that I support our soldiers or any other good cause, because I already know what I support, and when the display of these symbols becomes a matter of social pressure, they might mean only that the person who displays them caved.

And I will not post any pre-fabbed statement or graphic or symbol in my journal about what I do or don't support, or about what I believe, to prove to other people what a good person I am. I know what I believe and what I support, and so do the people who know me. I don't need to "prove" it to anyone, and certainly don't need to prove it over and over and over when the same damn meme goes around every year. I don't need to prove to anyone that I'm a good or worthy person, or that I hold the "right" beliefs or the "right" attitudes, or that I'm willing to go along with the crowd because someone who wrote a meme decided to use manipulative emotional blackmail (Hey, if you're an asswipe, go ahead and ignore this) to try to force everyone to go along. I will not go along just because some stranger who wrote a meme thinks I should. They can bite me. And anyone who honestly thinks I'm a bad person for not going along with some meme very clearly doesn't know me and I therefore don't care what they think.

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