AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Fandom Charity -- Writer's Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund

Sweet Charity, which has an LJ community as well at sweetcharityvox, is a charitable organization within fandom which raises money by auction for various charities. SC is doing a special auction this month to support the people affected by the Writer's Guild strike. The Writer's Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund supports those affected by the writer's strike who otherwise would not be able to receive help, which sounds pretty cool to me. Funds raised will not go into Writer's Guild coffers, nor support the strike itself, but rather will help alleviate some of the finacial hardship for the people in the trenches.

The way Sweet Charity works is that fans offer themselves as "Charity Hos" and post goods or services to be auctioned off. Auction divisions include Cloth Merchants, Fiction, Food and Drink, Graphics, Jewelry, Miscellaneous, and Videos. "Cloth Merchants" includes things like knit and crochet as well as sewn items, and "Misc." includes things like beta services, podfic recording, and items like books. Check out the auction list and see if anything strikes your fancy. (I'm offering a LOTRiPS/Actorslash (or original if you like) story, minimum 3000 words.)

If you have something to offer, go sign up. :) They're taking sign-ups and auction entries through 17 January, at 10:59 GMT. It'd be great to get a bunch more Rings-oriented auction items.

The auction itself runs from 18 January through 26 January, basically from midnight to midnight, GMT.


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