AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Bid For Me!

[Shameless Whoring]

Head over here to the Sweet Charity site and bid on me! I'm still cheap! :D I'm offering the following:

One fic, minimum of 3000 words, of LOTRiPS and/or other actorslash, overage as the story requires. Major characters in romance/sex can be any actor from my LJ profile; others negotiable, feel free to ask, and supporting characters can be anyone. A piece of original fiction is fine too. All my stories have plot; I don't do pwips. No songfics, sorry. No femslash, although I can write het or gen if you like. I'm pretty open to genre -- I've done everything from humor and crack to dark non-con, romance, adventure, etc.

with a deadline of 29 February 2008.

The homepage is here, where you can sign up for an account, and/or poke around and see what's going on. The charity this time around is the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund, which helps people who are being financially hit by the strike and don't get other support. NO money will be going to the Writers Guild directly; this is strictly to help out the folks who are out of work.

Bidding goes through 11:59pm on 26 January. Head over and bid so I can write you a story!

[/Shameless Whoring]


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