AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Cross Any Bridges Lately?

Despite the collapse last year of a bridge in Minneapolis, there are still thousands of bridges in the US which are on "delayed inspection schedules" or which have just plain missed their appointments. This includes bridges which are considered fracture critical, which means that (like the Minneapolis bridge) if one load-bearing part fails, the whole thing will fall. Check out the MSNBC article on the subject.

The main problem, unsurprisingly, appears to be money. As my husband commented, spend billions to fight "terrorist" boogeymen but be damned if they'll worry about bridges that actually collapse and kill.

From the article:

Bridge safety leaped to the top of the agenda of federal highway administrator J. Richard Capka in August, when 13 people died in the collapse of a bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.

But even before the disaster, it would have been a personal concern if Capka had examined the bridges on the shortest drive from his home in suburban Virginia to his office in Washington, D.C. On the day the Minneapolis bridge fell, three of those bridges were overdue for their safety inspections.

I wonder if Mr. Capka would get off his butt and do something about this if he ended up in a river one morning on his way to work? I wonder, too, whether any of the congressfolks who need to vote some money for this to be done cross any delayed-inspection bridges on their way to work?


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