AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

I'm Mean to My Husband's Cat

I made it clear as soon as Jim and I got married that I wasn't going to get out of her way, that she was going to be getting out of my way. I never stepped over her or around her; if I was coming in her direction, it was her job to move. If she was right in my way, I'd put one foot down next to her and then slowly drag the other foot through where she was sitting or lying. She moved or got shoved. She's not dumb; she picked up on it pretty quickly, and soon was zipping out of my way whenever I came in her direction.

Awww, poor kitty.

Right. It's also been quite a few years since I've kicked or stepped on her; I honestly don't remember the last time that happened, despite the fact that there are times when my attention is distracted, or when it's dark, or when I'm carrying something (like a load of laundry) and I can't see where I'm putting my feet. The cat knows to get out of my way, so I don't have to worry that when I can't see where I'm going, I might kick or step on her.

My husband has trained the cat to expect that he'll always get out of her way. Or better yet, if she plants herself in his path, he might pause and give her a pet or a scritch. That's great, except when he doesn't see her, and he steps on or kicks her a lot more often than I do, probably once a year or so. Usually it's not a big deal -- they both yell, she gets offended, he fusses over her and all is well.

Jim stepped on Whimsy night before last, and she's still limping. He's leaving for Germany today and he probably won't enjoy his trip nearly as much as he would have because he's going to be worried about her the whole time. She'll be fine -- she can walk on the leg he stepped on, and can put weight on it and all. It's just a matter of hanging in there until it heals. But she is hurt and he did it and he feels awful about it.

Maybe if he'd been a little meaner to his cat over the last dozen years, he wouldn't have to worry now. [sigh]

Do your cats a favor and be mean to them. Make them get out of your way, for their own good. [sigh]


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