AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Slashy Oscars -- Too Good to Last

We were all so happy to see it come back, but I should've known the "Yay!" wouldn't last. Some people are probably going to be angry with me for this, but I frankly don't care.

Someone has decided to be very helpful to people who want to nominate for the Slashy Oscars and is collecting links to people's pimp posts, fic lists, journals with eligible fic, whatever. As someone who spent far too much time and got way too grumpy putting together nominations for the MOME Awards last year, I can affirm that having a bunch of links and info all in one place is a major help.

So of course this person is getting grief for all her efforts to be helpful.

Apparently she's gotten snarked at for being "biased" in whose fics she's listing, because clearly this is just a huge conspiracy by the Viggo/Orlando fans to try to influence people to nominate and vote for V/O fics and cut everyone else out.

This completely ignores the fact that she's got writers from various chunks of fandom represented in her post, and has been happy to add links from anyone who wants to toss one her way. But even if she were only listing Viggo/Orlando fics, so what?

If people who favor other pairings want their favorite stories and writers pimped, they can damn well do it themselves. No one's stopping them -- no one gave this one person an exclusive license to put up fic-list links. :P

And as someone who came into the fandom through Viggo/Orlando, my LOTRiPS fic list from last year has ten stories which are not Viggo/Orlando at all, and three which are Viggo/Orlando/Sean, and that's out of sixteen LOTRiPS stories. And Hidden Magic probably isn't even eligible because only the last third or so was posted in '07, so make that fifteen total. Wow, three whole V/O stories out of fifteen -- I'm sure all the writers of other pairings are quaking in their boots at the competition I'm going to be. :/ And I'm hardly the only person who's developed a variety of interests in the fandom.

Seriously, people, if there are writers and stories you think should be nominated then nominate them. Pimp them in your journal. Start collecting links to the stories and writers you think are the best. No one's stopping you. Viggo/Orlando fans have absolutely no obligation to the Viggo/Bean fans or the Craig/David fans or the Orlando/Elijah fans or the Billy/Dom fans or anyone else, just as no other fans have any obligation whatsoever to pimp Viggo/Orlando stories out of any sense of "fairness." You pimp what you personally like, rec what you personally like, and nominate what you personally like -- that's how it's supposed to be. The fact that one person is collecting links and including any link someone hands her in the list is a huge favor being done for the larger fandom. She didn't have to, didn't owe anybody, and damn well doesn't deserve to be snarked for it.

So do your own pimping and nominating. Anyone who doesn't put up a list of links or recs or squees in their own journal has absolutely no moral high ground when it comes to slamming anyone else who does so, no matter who or what they do or don't include.

Good grief....


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