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I suppose I should let folks know how things are going, especially since I surfaced on Friday when I did my column.

Sometimes life just backs up a truck and dumps a whole load of crap on you. The usual crap is bad enough -- I've been on a low for a while and haven't done much of anything. But after nine months of slow improvement, my bad knee (my souvenir of the Vegas retreat back in August) took a sudden downturn, bad enough to finally get me to drag my butt (with gimpy leg attached) to the doctor. It seems I have arthritis in my right knee. The doctor figures it's been building up for a while, and that one awful day standing and standing and standing just pushed it over some sort of threshold.

I'm still hoping she was wrong and something else will turn up; I went for X-rays before leaving, and there was a vague hope that the bones would look fine and it'd be something else. I went to the doctor almost a week ago, though, and I have to assume that if that'd been the case, they'd have called me by now to let me know that my kneecap was fine but some major tendon was hanging by a thread two cells thick, or whatever. That hasn't happened, so....

This really sucks, though. Arthritis isn't curable, it can only be dealt with. They basically give you bandaids until you can't walk at all, at which point the only option is a joint replacement. I'm taking glucosamine sulfate supplements, which are supposed to help encourage cartilage development; if it helps at all, I'm supposed to see results in three or four weeks. And I'm taking ibuprofen horse pills -- 800mg, three times a day, yay! After almost a week of the ibuprofen, I'm back up to walking about a quarter as much as I was before. :/ I've gained four pounds in the last two weeks, and am not at all happy about it.

Pretty much every older woman in my family has or had arthritis in her knees, so it's not like this came popping up out of nowhere. It's still depressing, though. I've got to be able to walk. I was losing weight, very slowly but still losing, and now I'm gaining again, a heck of a lot faster than the loss ever was. I need to exercise. If the glucosamine doesn't do its thing, and I can't find a level of whatever pain medication that lets me get back to walking for exercise, I'm strongly considering arguing for a joint replacement immediately. It won't do me any good to wait until I'm stuck in a motorized scooter; by that time I'll be up to four hundred pounds (for anyone who doesn't know, that four pound gain put me just over three hundred, which I'd hoped to never see again) and even a new joint won't get me walking. If it's going to do me any good, it'll have to be now while I'm still only borderline.

Anyway, that's what's going on with me. I've only written a few thousand words of fiction since the new year, and I have no idea when that's going to change. :( My apologies to the folks I owe stuff to.

Hope everyone else is doing better than I am. [hugz]


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