AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Coming Back

All right, for whatever reason, right now at 4am I decided to take a deep breath and do my Flist. LJ's letting me go back to 5 May, or at least to somewhere in the middle of 5 May. I know that's nowhere near far enough; I don't remember when the last time I read my Flist was, but I'm pretty sure it was nowhere near May. So.

I'll be weeding pretty brutally, but there were a bunch of stories I was in the middle of that I definitely want to catch up with. If I run into Chapter 62 of something I remember reading, I'll back up to Chapter 37 (or wherever) and try to catch up, or at least bookmark Ch. 37 so I know where I was and can get back to it.

For stories that've wrapped in the last... couple of months? Something like that. I'll just have to... I dunno, I'll think of something.

Since I'll be cross-posting this, I'm doing LJ first, since it's the biggest hill to climb by several orders of magnitude, then I'll tackle IJ and JF. I imagine I'll be at this for a while, but I'm getting going. :)


In other news: I walked a lot more last week than I had the week before, yay. I'm not ready to throw the party just yet, but it looks like the anti-inflamatories or whatever it is in ibuprofen are helping, which is very cool.

Our second toilet broke last week [flail] which left us with only one working. I know, I know, but really, when it's only two of us here and three bathrooms, there just never seemed to be any urgency to get the third one fixed, so the master bath went unused and gathered dust for a few years. [duck] And actually, I'd gotten into the habit of using the one downstairs anyway, just to give myself a few more trips up and down the stairs per day -- exercise and all that. So it wasn't a big deal. When the second one broke, though, suddenly it was dire. Not that there was ever a wrestling match over who needed to use the bathroom RIGHT NOW!! the most or anything, but having only one made us (well, me at least) very aware that there was only one, and that if it sprang a leak too, we were hosed.

Never one to do a thing by halves once he's decided to do it, Jim found us these uber-toilets, LOL! They're horribly expensive, for toilets, but they have, like, the best flush rating in the business or whatever, so we should never have to flush a second time. That's good, 'cause I've loathed the new low-flow toilets ever since they were made mandatory; if you have to flush two or even three times, you're not saving any water, duh, and it's annoying. But these are pretty turbo-charged. For all their power, they're also very quiet. And they have a special hinge on the lid, so it can't ever fall down and slam; it always closes quietly. And he got the ADA-compliant models, which means they're a couple of inches taller and my knee doesn't scream at me when I'm sitting or standing anymore, yay. (That last few degrees of bend, when either sitting or standing, when your knee is bent almost the full ninety degrees but is still bearing all your weight? That hurts. :( At least it doesn't hurt when I'm going to the bathroom anymore.) And he got the extra-large seats, which are more comfortable for those of us unusually broad across the beam. So all in all, it was worth being down to only one for a while. I'd just as soon not have it happen again, though. :P

And finally, BayCon's coming up and we're heading out on Friday the 23rd, back on... Tuesday, I think. BayCon's in yet another new hotel this year, although this time it wasn't a mad scramble to move -- they knew at last year's con where this year's was going to be, and this is a much larger facility, the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, which is attached to the Santa Clara Convention Center. I worked a few Computer Game Developer's Conferences there, back when it was a Westin, so at least I'm sort of familiar with the facility, if those dormant neurons from the late 80s decide to fire up again. :) One thing I do remember is that there are a lot of stairs between the multiple levels of function space; I hope the elevators don't get too bogged down. :P

Anyway, off to dive into my Flist. If I'm not back in a week, come fish me out? ;D


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