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Umm, not that John Barrowman is the one leaving, or that he was ever here [duck] but I don't want to do two posts. ;D

First, my husband (who's the greatest husband in the world) found out that John Barrowman has an autobiography out and got it for me. [beam] It's called Anything Goes, and it's wonderful. It's like he's sitting there chatting -- I could hear him while I read. He tells a lot of great stories, and he's incredibly funny. There are footnotes! Like toward the beginning, after talking about auditioning for the part of Captain Jack, he says:

At the best of times, I make a subtle first impression.9

And then at the bottom of the page it says:

9 Just seeing if you're paying attention.

And yeah, that's nine footnotes, and this is only page seventeen. But seriously, he's a crack-up. If you have any interest in Barrowman at all, I highly recommend this book. :D

It's Memorial Day Weekend, and as always I'll be up north at BayCon. I really need to be getting to bed soon :P 'cause we're leaving for the airport early this afternoon. There's supposed to be wireless at the hotel, but I don't know how often I'll get online. I'll be back Tuesday night, although I might not be back here until Wednesday.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. See you in a few days! [wave]

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