AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Because of Course, Psychics Are Always Right

Okay, someone needs a good working-over with a two-by-four for this. And I also want an answer for how these morons got jobs in education.

The Mother, the Child, the School Board and the Psychic

Colleen Leduc is a single mother raising her autistic eleven-year-old daughter, Victoria, in Barrie, Ontario. She got a frantic call one day from her daughter's school and rushed down, only to be told when she got there that one of the teaching assistants had visited a psychic the previous night, and been told that her daughter (well, some kid whose name started with "V" anyway -- you know how the spirits never know anyone's full name?) had been sexually abused by some guy between twenty-three and twenty-six. (Not even an initial there.)

So... a psychic. Yeah.

Oh, and by the way, they'd called the Children's Aid Society (which in context sounds like the Canadian equivalent of Family Services) to report this clear case of sexual abuse. And of course, the CAS is required to investigate whenever they get a complaint, no matter that the source of the information is essentially a Magic 8-Ball and the person who phoned it in has the brains of a dead guppy.

So this woman, who's already got her share of problems in life, had to go through a CAS investigation.

The only reason they were able to wrap it up quickly is that Victoria's school -- clearly staffed by a pack of idiots -- has apparently "lost" her on multiple occasions, so Ms. Leduc, despite some major financial issues (which were the reason Victoria was in public school in the first place, rather than getting the special therapy she needs but which her mother can't afford) got her daughter a GPS unit, one of the fancy ones that keeps a continuous audio record of anything going on near Victoria. Because of those recordings, she was able to prove absolutely to the CAS worker that the allegations of sexual abuse were complete garbage.

Luckily, the CAS worker, being a reasonably intelligent person, agreed that "there wasn't a shred of evidence that anything had ever happened at all," and closed the case.

Ms. Leduc has pulled Victoria out of school, and now wants the school board to pay for the Intensive Behavioral Intervention (IBI) therapy Victoria needs. They don't want to, of course, since the therapy costs about fifty thousand per year. I don't know whether Ms. Leduc will win this one, but I sort of hope she does.

The school board can consider it a Stupidity Tax.


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