AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Just Have to Share a Thought.... :D

Caro Soles is editing an anthology called Don Juan and Men. The idea is that Don Juan was actually into guys, and stories can be set in any time period, including future/SF settings. This is incredibly cool and I wish I'd heard about it sooner, since the deadline is the 30th and I'm already writing something for the 15th and something for about a week before the 30th [flail] but anyway, I'm looking at the description and thinking. Various times and places, into guys, irresistible seducer, reputed to be a fantastic lover, time travel, Juan... John... Jack.... OMG, it's Captain Jack! [giggling facepalm]

Someone needs to write this as a fanfic, seriously, where it turns out that the Don Juan story was based on Jack back in his bopping-through-time-for-sex-and-money days. Pleeease? :D


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