AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Cleo Sue! :D

Okay, I think I might've pimped this back when it first went up, but for those of you who've joined us since August of '05, you've got to check this out. There was a meme going around at the time where you went to one of those doll-maker-cartoon-thingies and made a "normal" doll of yourself, then totally Mary Sued it up and posted the Before and After in your journal. Bonus points were awarded if you had a backstory of some kind.

cleolinda being just that awesome, she came up with this series of dolls and a hilarious Harry Potter parody about herself where she was the Awesome-est Sue Evah. I even grabbed one of the icons of it. [points up] It just keeps getting more and more and more outrageous as it goes until you're sure you've read this story somewhere. :D Seriously, there's no need for anyone to ever write another Mary Sue fic, 'cause this one does it all, even if it's just in summary.

Go. Read it. :D


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