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Ten Things

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Each person starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
Those that are tagged need to write on their own LJ about their ten things and post these rules.
At the end of your entry, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.

1. I've always loved spinach, even as a little kid.

2. I was the only grandkid for seven years, and was very close to my grandfather, who was into woodworking so of course I was too. For my seventh birthday he gave me a saw of my own, with three interchangeable blades. :) Note that this was 1970, when it was way weirder to give a little girl tools than it would be now.

3. When I got married, we were outside, behind a hotel and down near a lake. Just as the minister started the ceremony, these two swans swam regally by -- it was gorgeous. Jim and I told everyone we hired the swans, special. :)

4. I don't have normal sleeping hours; my body doesn't work that way, despite several years on various go-to-sleep and stay-awake meds. Nowadays I'm up when I'm up and I sleep when I'm tired, whenever that might be. (I'd die without a DVR, LOL!) When we have to go out and do something (like tomorrow -- symphony night) I sort of push and "aim" my awake period to match. It usually works (although not always). I can force myself to be kinda-mostly-normal for a few days in a row if I have to, like if we're at an SF convention or when I'm visiting my mother, but it's tough, and after a few days at the most I feel like a bleary zombie, constantly exhausted.

5. I get carsick sometimes, but on all the cruises Jim and I've gone on and with all the bad weather and stormy seas, I've never been seasick. Not complaining :) just a weirdness.

6. I go barefoot most of the time, just out of preference. In winter when it gets cold enough, I'll wear socks and/or slippers indoors. I wear sandals to go out, or shoes if it's cold enough, but prefer nothing on my feet if I can manage it.

7. Despite being female [eyeroll] I'm a dog person. Cats are okay, but dogs are awesome.

8. I have no problem speaking in front of a group if I have something to speak about and know the material. Talking in front of a class about a paper I just wrote hasn't been a problem since, like, junior high. Talking about "just anything" though is tough, and I tend to crash and burn. The two worst public speaking experiences I've ever had were the two years I chaired BayCon and had to speak at the Meet-the-Guests Reception. [facepalm]

9. Sort of related to number eight, I can't tell jokes. First, I have a quirky memory and have a hard time remembering them, but even if I do remember one, I start cracking up as soon as I start telling the joke. Like, every time. It's freaking embarassing, and I learned to just not try anymore because when I do, people think I'm an idiot. :P

10. I love computer games, but don't care for twitch games. I like puzzle games, or turn-based strategy or RPG games, where I can think, and it's not a matter of dying 57 times while I develop enough skill with the controls to make some progress. I also play most adjustable games down near the "Easy" end of the range; I don't want to work hard when I'm playing a computer game.

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