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Travel and Posting

For everyone who's been reading "A Lost Boy" (and thanks to every one of you who's been commenting [hugz]) here's what's going to be going on over the next few days.

Today (Monday) I'll be posting Chapter Six. I haven't been to bed yet, but I will be soon and whenever I wake up, that'll go up.

On Tuesday the husband and I are flying across country to catch a cruise ship in Florida. (We're doing the Panama Canal, plus assorted other ports in the area, and will be home on 5 November.) We'll be leaving too early in the morning and travelling most of the day. I loathe cross-country travel and am always aching and exhausted at the other end. Even assuming there aren't any delays [cough] we won't be arriving at the hotel until early-to-mid-evening, at which point I'll be falling into bed and probably groaning a lot. There won't be a chapter posted on Tuesday. :(

Wednesday we'll be boarding the ship. This means lines and baggage and lines and security and lines -- boarding a large ship is just as bad as boarding an aircraft, but imagine 3000 people in line at the gate -- and then just as you think you're done and can relax, they drag you out for lifeboat drill. :P I'll have to find out how internet works on this ship and how one goes about buying time, etc. There won't be a chapter posted on Wednesday either. [hides]

After that it depends what the set-up on shipboard is like and what we're doing on any given day. Days when we've got shore tours there probably won't be a post. Sea days there probably will be. I've been posting around 9-10am my time, give or take a bit; while I'm away, posting times will go out the window, and on days when I do post a chapter, the time will be whenever I'm awake and around and the internet is up.

Note also that I won't be online as much. Aside from the obvious vacation stuff, internet connections from shipboard are ridiculously expensive. Their "cheap" package is forty cents per minute. I might not be able to answer comments until I get home, or if I do answer comments I'll probably be very brief. Sorry about that. :(

I'm doing NaNo again this year and am trying very hard to get "A Lost Boy" done before 1 November. I think I'm about halfway through now, but I'm not sure and won't be until I'm within spitting distance of wrapping, so I can't promise to be finished by then. Either way, I'll keep posting completed chapters after 1 November until everything I have is up (I'm currently about 2.5 chapters ahead in the writing.) If the story's not done at that point, it'll go on hiatus until December. My contingent apologies for that, but there's no way I can work on any other story while doing NaNo. :/

For those of you who followed my NaNo story last year, I'll be working on Swords and Shadows again this year, picking up where I've left off. Anyone who feels like it is free to join me on angienano through November. Lurkers and commenters are both welcome. :)



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