AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Hacked? [sigh]

Okay, it looks like orlandoslash has been hacked. Someone named moodark is the only mod now (I'll admit I don't remember who the mod(s) was before, but I don't recognize that name at all) and posted a message about how the community was being shut down and all posts deleted, with references to other sites where posts about "sewing" would go from now on. Umm, yeah.

They also have the com set to full moderation, so a post I tried to make over there is sitting in the mod queue and will probably never be seen.

Can anyone who remembers who the mod was send her an e-mail? Or even file a complaint with LJ, just to get the ball rolling? I'd do it myself, but it'd be better if it was someone who could point the abuse team at the right person to contact. :P It'd suck massively if this Moodark person actually deleted all the posts, though, so someone with some authority over the community should get ahold of LJ ASAP and file a complaint. I'm assuming they can look up who the mod was/were until today or whenever Moodark snagged it.

For anyone who's curious, the "We're shutting down" message contains links to three other sites. I clicked on the first one, which claims to be some sort of explanation, is a TinyURL (the main reason I hate those things) directed me to something in Russian. The second is openly a Russian site, and the third is another TinyURL which I'm assuming is also Russian. So basically this is comment spam on a seriously huge level, to hijack clicks to a site most of us can't even read, presumably to bring in ad revenue or something. [snarl]

[EDIT: And moodark has deleted the account. The community archive is still intact, so hopefully it's now just a matter of getting the proper mods back in place. :/ /EDIT]

[EDIT2: And I've just gotten word that in similar recent attacks, the links in the "So sorry" message led to virus-y sites, with keystroke loggers and such. If you clicked on any of those links, run a virus check immediately to make sure your own accounts aren't compromised.]


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