AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

What I Want for Christmas

Tagged by lostiawen.

Ok, this is how it works: The player (me) must list 3 things that I would love to get for Christmas. Then I must list 3 things that I definitely do not want to get for Christmas. Then I tag 5 friends and list their names. The people I tag need to write on their LJ about their Christmas wishes then tag 5 more people.

What I want for Christmas:
1. Someone fucking overturn Prop. 8. [Maybe if Losti and I both wish for it, it'll happen. :/ ]
2. Someone to write me a nice, long, sexy and plotty fic with Viggo/Orlando/John/Gareth, in any and all combinations. [Changing this one up just a bit. ;D ]
3. For EA to release Sims3 without that bleeping poisonous DRM. And take it off of Spore, too, while they're at it. [sporks EA]

What I don't want for Christmas:
1. The Mentalist to get cancelled.
2. The Hobbit movies to get messed over. [I know it'll be a while, but maybe if we start hoping really early...?]
3. To have my knee keep degrading.

Tagging : abydosangel, aleathiel, fiestyred, mr_illuminated, temve. If you've already done this, then either ignore it or think up six more things, up to you. :D


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