AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Wow, New Year....

Where the heck did 2008 go? Not that I miss it or anything :P but it seems like it was New Year just a few weeks ago, or maybe a couple of months. Weird.

I'll be posting my 2008 Fic Roundup thing in about a week, after the slashababy writers are revealed. 'Cause I had this huge, nine-month writer's block for the most of the year and if I can't include my Slashababy fic that'll be, like, a quarter of my '08 fic output missing. [wry smile] Okay, not wordcount-wise, but storycount-wise. Yuck.

Oh, and almostnever wrote Make the Man for me -- go read it! :D It's a fun little Viggo/Orlando thing, with Viggo in some truly horrible clothes. [grin] [Edited to add writer's name.]

For the coming year, my resolution is as usual to write more, only this time it won't be tough to do. [wince] Seriously, just getting back to Lost Boy (which I'll be doing next week, back to my usual MWF schedule) will put me way ahead of January of last year. (And February, and March, and cetera, up through August.) I usually decide I'm going to try to write something every day (with an I'd-really-like-to goal of 1000 words) but I know I'm not going to make that and I'm generally okay with it. It's like, when I was working at a company that had a fitness center, back when, my goal was to go work out over lunch time five days a week. By shooting for five, if I missed one I'd still be okay, and even if I missed two, three days a week is still enough to maintain fitness, right? So if I shoot for 1000/day, even if I miss it two or three times a week, that's still a pretty impressive word count at the end of the year.

Of course, that assumes I don't "miss" quite like I did in '08. [cough] But anyway.

I have a larger goal of submitting a novel for publication this year. Not getting it published, 'cause I have no control over whether the editor will like it or when there'll be an open slot in the schedule even if they do, but getting it finished and cleaned up and submitted. Which, knowing me, means I'll be hitting the [Send] button on the e-mail at midnight next New Year's Eve, but whatever. :)

And I want to do Remix again this year. That was great fun in '07, but I (wisely) decided that signing up for an exchange fest in the middle of a huge writer's block this year wouldn't be a good idea. I loved doing it, though, and the story I got (remember? the remix of "Soap?" hee!) was wonderful. Definitely doing that again this year. :D

I'm getting my teeth fixed this year. (Going to a writing convention in March is great incentive for this.) And I really need to take at least a few more points off my body fat percentage this year. Hopefully more than a few. My knee is still degrading, though, and taking off some of the extra fat would be the number one thing to slow that down. [sigh] Aside from all the other benefits of getting rid of the lard. :/

I also need to trim my Flist down. :( I've been meaning to do this for the last year and a half, but I hate doing it. I just don't have time anymore, though, to keep up with reading journals and blogs and all and write, or do much of anything, really. And there are folks whose interests have drifted away from mine, changing fandoms or whatever, or folks who posted three times a month when I friended them and now post three times a day, like that. It has to be done, and I'm going to gird my loins and do it soon. (Note that this is only on my end, cutting down on my reading. I've never Flocked anything and don't foresee doing so in the future. As always, anyone and everyone is welcome to friend me and read my journal, or read my journal without friending me, or whatever.)

This year is also my 20th anniversary of being in a relationship with my husband. (It took us a bit longer to get married -- our 13th wedding anniversary will be in August.) We're going to go do the tourist thing up in San Francisco this summer (one of the few places you can safely visit in the summer and know you're not going to die of heatstroke) because we love it and there's so much to see and so much great food there. :D

I think this is all reasonably doable. [glances up] We'll see how it goes. I hope everyone has a wonderful year, and that '08 is filed way in the sub-basement of history RSN. [hugz]


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