AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

SGA and Benjamin Button

Stargate: Atlantis -- So I've been reading fanfic for this show for years and I'd only ever seen the pilot, plus two random eps. The pilot didn't grab me enough to make me watch regularly, and I hate coming into a series in the middle so I didn't pick it up after reading the fic. Amazon had that wazoo-discount DVD sale a bit ago, though, and S1 of SGA was like seven bucks, so I got it. Jim and I re-watched the pilot, plus "Hide and Seek" (the one where Rodney has the personal shield thingy) and "Thirty-Eight Minutes" (the one where the jumper is stuck halfway through the wormhole and John's got a humongous mosquitoleech clamped onto his throat).

I can still see why I gave the pilot a not-quite-passing grade back when. And I don't know that seeing the first two regular eps would've changed my mind much at the time. But having read a thousand or so pages of fanfic, I like John a lot more, I think Rodney is adorkable instead of a jerk, and I love seeing them snarking back and forth with each other. I love Teyla, and I'm bouncing up and down waiting for Ronon to show up.

Oh, and now that I know who this "Ford" guy is -- wow, cute! Not just to look at either; him telling John that wormhole travel was incredibly painful in the pilot, then that grin and the "Wahoo!" backwards dive through? Yeah, I'm going to like this guy. :D Oh, and add "Brave to the point of idiocy" to his resume. O_O Why hasn't there been entire archives of h/c written about him?? It'd be totally canon to show him getting torn up every other week while doing something insanely brave to save someone else's life.

Benjamin Button -- For everyone who saw Benjamin Button, did the soundtrack sound hosed? Not all the sound, just the music? When the husband and I went this weekend, sometimes it did -- it sounded like it was being played too slow, lower and drawn-out and way distorted, bad enough to have even me wincing, and I'm fairly oblivious to music -- and sometimes it didn't. Was it supposed to sound like that for some strange, whacked-artistic reason? :P

Other than that, the movie rocked. You know, I've never been a real Brad Pitt fan before. I didn't dislike him, just never saw what the fuss was about. He got very nicely buffed up for Troy, but I've never seen anything to turn me into a squeeing Pitt fangirl. I think I am now. He is hot in this movie, seriously. :D At least in the parts where he doesn't look like he's eighty. And it's a great movie even aside from the eye candy. Highly recommended. (Even with the whacked-out music.)


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