AngiePen (angiepen) wrote,

Sean Tevis is Back

Remember the guy who ran the internet campaign for state representative in Kansas? He lost the election after the opposition spent a record amount to oppose him (according to his web site) and some unknown party voice-spammed voters with a robocaller over the phone claiming to be from his campaign. Someone put in a lot of time and effort to cheat him out of votes.

So he wants to run again.

They've also tried to pass a bill that'd make it harder for him to run again. As his little stick-figure guy says in one of his newer cartoons, "So people are losing their jobs and homes, and they're busy targetting me?"

What's really cool is that even after losing the election, he's been doing the work anyway. He's been talking to the legislators, trying to get all the things he (and the people who supported him) wanted done anyway. He wants to meet with fifty more politicians by the end of the year to talk about what people want, so he can keep on getting things done even before the next election in 2010. At each meeting, he'll wear a T-shirt with the names of 100 people who've supported him, plus a bunch of Twitter-sized messages from said supporters. (A different shirt for each politician, with different names and messages.) The politicians who agree to meet with him get a copy of the shirt he wears to the meeting.

So yeah, he's fund-raising again. He'll take anything, but he has a series of perks for different levels. I gave him 13.37 to get my name on one of the shirts. :)

If you don't do anything else, at least read his new batch of comics. Aside from the XKCD styling in most of them, I spotted references to LOTR, The Matrix, Watchmen, A Christmas Story and All the President's Men, besides the ones called out by name. :D


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