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The Write Place

3 August 1963
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This journal is mostly for my fiction writing, but I occasionally post about what I'm doing or if I'm going to be incommunicado for a while or something funny or anything else I just can't help sharing. If you're looking for my stories, my FICTION INDEX is here; it contains links to my fanfic. Some of my fanfic has been converted to original fiction and published with Torquere Press, along with the rest of my published stories. If you want to save a copy on your HD of the fanfic version of any of my stories, that's fine. If you want to share copies with others, that's fine too, but please be discreet -- that is, keep it to e-mail. Thanks. :)

Please feel free to friend me if you want to; there's no need to ask permission or anything like that. I find the whole ask-permission-before-friending thing to be rather boggling anyway -- I don't ask anyone else and don't expect anyone to ask me. To me, a "friends" list is just a list of bookmarks on journals I want to read regularly. It has very little to do with who I do or don't consider my "friends." I'd friend my worst enemy if she posted good fics I wanted to read. [wry smile]

I don't expect people I friend to automatically friend me back, although of course they're welcome to, and at the same time, and for the same reason (just bookmarks, remember?), I don't automatically friend back people who friend me. When I get around to noticing that someone new has friended me, I'll wander over to that journal and poke around. If it looks like something I want to read on a regular basis, then I'll friend it. If not, then I won't.

I welcome (whee, party!!!) comments on anything I post here, including old stories you might have only just discovered. I'm a feedback whore and absolutely live for comments on my work, so don't let the fact that a story was posted a few months or a few years ago stop you from commenting if you should feel the urge. :D I also crave concrit and have an adamantium hide -- if you want to tell me what works and what doesn't and what's confusing and what's just plain bad, hopefully with specific examples, please do so. I've been known to leave comments three or four or even five screens long to other people's fics in the (so far fruitless) hope that someone would do the same for me. I still live in eager anticipation.

I love talking about writing, whether mine or yours or just writing in general, the more the better, so if you want to chat about point of view or verb tenses or dialogue tags or plot development or whatever, please do.

Any story I post here is available to be sequelled, prequelled, remixed or otherwise fanficced -- for more detailed discussion of my views on this, see this post, including comments. I don't require that a writer who wants to play in one of my sandboxes ask me for permission ahead of time, although I'd appreciate (but don't require) a note with a link once the story's posted so I can go read. :D

Despite this blanket permission being given, permission is not the same as authorization, as in "authorized sequel" or anything like that. My stories and worlds are still mine and I'm not giving up any rights to them. Note the following caveats, which should be common sense but which I'm specifying here just for drill:

1. I don't promise to like the product. If I don't I won't gripe or whine to you or try to make you take it down, but neither will I pimp or rec it. And I might say grumbly things about it in private to my friends, but I promise not to slam it in public.

1.a. Saying, "No, I did not authorize that thing!" isn't slamming -- it's self-defense in case anyone thinks that I approved something which is badly written. Note that "badly written" doesn't mean "broke up one of my pairings" or "turned my universe into a Buffy crossover" or anything like that; that's just non-canon ficcing, which is fine. "Badly written" means poor craftsmanship, period, in my sole opinion.

2. What someone else writes in my universe(s) isn't canon unless I say it is. I'm free to ignore unauthorized fics when I write official sequels, no matter how cool your idea or plot twist might've been.

3. At the same time, if I was planning a story, a sequel, a plot twist, a character detail, a worldbuilding detail, or anything else, and someone else coincidentally posts a story set in my universe(s) which accidentally duplicates what I was planning but had not yet posted or perhaps even written, I'll do what I was planning anyway. Anyone who whines about how "She stole my ideeeeea!!!" will be ignored or perhaps mocked. Fair warning.

4. At no time is anyone granted permission to make any money directly or indirectly from any fic clearly based on one of my stories. This includes not only sale of the fic itself or the posting of the fic on a web site which requires a paid membership for access, but also the posting of the fic on a web site which includes profit-making (as in, profits going to the site owners and/or shareholders as personal income rather than than just income required to fund the site itself) advertisements. Link-swaps and other such ads which make no money for any party are fine.

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