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Hat Cat -- Raven

When Ignorance Is More Than Annoying

It's always annoying to be reading a book, even a work of fiction, and come across places where the writer is pretty clearly faking it and doing a horrible job. When there are things you know are false being blithely tossed about, with no apparent plot-related reason for stretching the truth or twisting a fact, it's hard not to think some scornful thoughts about the writer who couldn't be bothered.

I majored in history, emphasis on the Middle Ages in Europe, and whenever I see a character in 12th century France eating turkey, or a 10th century English castle with enough bedrooms to open a modern-style hotel, or any medieval characters anywhere speaking and acting as though it were perfectly normal for everyone they know to be born, live until about age thirty and then drop dead, I start talking to the book and what I have to say probably wouldn't please the book's author even a tiny bit. These kinds of problems are easily fixable with minimal research and thought, and the incorrect information is rarely vital to the plot. But even I have to admit that the particular flavor of ignorance being spread here is only annoying, and not actually harmful to anything but the general level of knowledge and intelligence among the populace.

There are some topics, though, where false information in fiction can be actively harmful. One of them is BDSM.

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Halloween Sip -- mine

Chasing Fear

Torquere is doing a blitz of short stories especially for Halloween. Mine is called Chasing Fear. Anyone who can guess which universe it's set in gets a virtual cookie. :)

Emilio loves Martin with everything he has, but he's still scared to go out and be openly gay, especially with the way his family reacted to the news. Martin just wants to go out and have a good time, so he pushes Emilio's limits to the breaking point. Emilio figures having a Greenman for a lover has its dangers, especially when it comes to going on a date in the great outdoors. Can he and Martin learn to see eye to eye?


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Nearly NaNo

I can't believe it's October already [laugh/flail] but at least this time I have a fairly free October to think about what I'm going to write for NaNoWriMo, and maybe even jot down some plot/character/worldbuilding notes ahead of time, unlike last year when I was thinking up a name for the protag on November 1st while staring at an empty Word file. [facepalm]

As before, I'm just making the announcement here -- any detailed NaNo posts, including chunks of story as I write them come November, will be over in angienano so people who aren't interested won't have to defriend this journal to avoid it. [is thoughtful]

Anyone else participating? Or willing to be persuaded? ;) Buddy me over on the site and I'll buddy you back. :)

Nazgulls -- Sylvantes

Some Pimpage

Stacia Kane, who writes urban fantasy romances, has gotten together with a few other people I've never heard of (although I'm sure they're pretty cool [duck]) and formed The League of Reluctant Adults, a group of writers who are into urban fantasy comedy. This struck me as an incredibly neat idea, mainly because urban fantasy rocks and so does humor and the two don't go together nearly often enough. I figured folks here who enjoyed A Hidden Magic, or at least got a kick out of Azzy, might be interested in wandering over and checking their new place out. And hey, the first post mentions Pikachu-Mulder-Optimus Prime threesomes so it's even relevant to fanfic. ;)

Besides, they're doing, like, a drawing or something to give away free stuff to people who pimp them out. I like free stuff so there you go. [humming]

Library -- BunnyMcFoo

2006 Fiction Round-Up

'Cause all the cool kids are doing it and besides I'm curious and if I'm going to add it all up anyway I might as well post it, right? :)

Note that I'm not adding up all the fic I wrote for RPGs, 'cause I really don't want to go through every post and figure out what I wrote vs. what my writing partner(s) wrote. Just... no. [laugh/flail]

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NaNo06 Winner


NaNo 06 Winner Icon

OMG I don't believe I did it!!! And an hour and a half before the deadline, LOL!

I went in expecting that I'd probably be able to do a large chunk of a novel but not the actual 50K words. I've just never been that fast a writer, except in very short chunks (like a day or two) right before a deadline. And then I hit a low patch in the middle of the month and didn't write a word for about ten days and I was sure there was no way I was going to make it, but I got back to writing again on the 22nd and a bit more on the 24th and then I really buckled down and did more than twenty thousand words in six days. O_O Holy sheep!

Thanks to my husband, Jim, for being extremely tolerant all month. :) And to Raven for not laughing at me too much and for breaking down and joining NaNo when I pointed out that she had a fanfic she'd started on November 2nd that was getting pretty long, even if the brat did finish on the 25th, two days after she joined. [muttergrumbletickle!] It's cool, though -- read it here.

And thanks to aleathiel for being a great NaNo buddy. Having someone doing the same thing with me, talking and commenting back and forth helped more than I can say and kept me going when I was sure I was never going to make it. Thanks and hugz, hon. {{{{}}}}

Library -- BunnyMcFoo


OK, for the first time I'm doing NaNoWriMo. [breathes into paper bag] November's really an awful month for something like that but it's always in November so if I want to do it, and I have for the last couple of years, then it might as well be now, right? Right.

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Oh, and Happy Birthday to PJ! :D

Library -- BunnyMcFoo


This is an index to my fiction posted in this journal. I'll update it as I post, so if you're ever looking for something of mine, you can find it here without sifting through everything else.

One-shots are in reverse chronological order, with the most recent on top, while stories within a series and chunks within a multi-part are in the order in which you should read them. Currently all the fanfic is RPS (and most are LOTRiPS) except for two Harry Potter stories ("Incompetence" and "No Good Deed") and one Fantastic Four story ("So Hot!") which are in with the others and are indicated as HP or FF; I'll separate other fandoms out if I ever accumulate a few.

Note that if the only reason a story was posted in multiple parts is because LJ wouldn't take it in one chunk -- that is, if I consider it a one-shot -- it's in "One Shots" with both parts linked in the same entry.

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